Chapter 1 – The Library

21st Century – London (England)

I have been tracking the old family library for several weeks looking for material for my new book.

Among the stories of the great Oscar Wilde, I have found a discolored book, without title and written in an unknown language. Among its pages full of strange drawings, I found a gold page tracker that indicated one note, this is what it dictated:

“I come to you in spite of everything, my story is told through this unalterable time that hammers deaf in my ears. Your smell calls me, excites me and torments me.  Why do I have to live this agony? When did I became in this? Call it by its name, I will devour your immortal soul. The night captivates me and frees me from my mundane feelings, but when I come to you, everything stuns my senses.

Let me in and I will show you a world of tormented people … make my heart beat for the last time. Let’s dance this inaudible dance, tonight I’ll give you chase. Desires do not matter anymore, they fall into my well of oblivion. I can only think of your sweetness on my lips.  So imperfect is the day, so cold is my being… I want to see my last sunrise. Warm me with your smoky flavor and make me forget that today I am the one who must fall. I surrender to your subtle color at nightfall. Why should I be the predator? Do not call me anymore, let me die. If I have to bring on this pain, do not force me to continue. Get me warm and let me feel your throbbing. You, my sweet torment, are the reason for my existence”.

It is not signed, I do not even know who could write something that sad and cruel. Returning to the strange book, I can find a written name… the only thing I can understand, …

Who are you Lilith? What happened to you?