Chapter 3 – Landing on the Lindisfarne shore

June 8 th, 793 of our Lord

The darkness is moving along and a thick fog is rushing over the sinuous waters of the Lindisfarne coast. I presume that something dark is coming writhing and tearing the air. Muted rays fall from the sky highlighting the shadows of the dragons, that eons ago became in main character of the stories we tell our children. There are rumors that speak of foreigners who arrived at the Bay of Portland about three years ago. It is said that the sea leads them and the fog hides them from the gaze of God. Due to these gossip, you can only hear the grunts, cries and shouts coming from the population they massacred. Only one night was enough to unleash the forces of Hell. I know that you can not run away, it’s useless to fight… we can only pray … please Father, protect your children, … protect us… “IT’S NOT DRAGONS! THEY ARE BOATS! “The screams do not stop, … they come from everywhere. But, … What are those things that come out of the boats? “THE COAST HAS FALLEN, REFUGE IN THE CASTLE! GO TO THE CASTLE!” Oh, for God’s sake! What will become of us? The thunder rumble in the distance like drums of war before a prelude that already has an end. We have done everything possible to make the castle a safe place, but not even blocking and propping the doors will stop them for too long… They have cornered us, and now only the shadows in the darkness are glimpsed, they are not warriors, … they are not human, … THEY ARE MONSTERS! May the Lord welcome our souls in his divine Glory … (the rest is illegible).