Chapter 4 – Aceldama

Damn those priests, thirty miserable pieces of silver for a lifetime of guilt and repentance. Not even for all the shekels and stateros of the earth should I have accepted.

From that moment, that being does not stop appearing to me in several of the areas of the potter’s field. Every time I walk down that road, I see him with his tunic, I see how he looks at me, even though I do not see his eyes or his face. He makes my hair stand on end and as soon as I let go for a second, the sight disappears again …

This can not continue like this. Today I presented myself in the temple, but those filthy indoctrinates of the Sanhedrin, have not even wanted back their dirty payment, wanting to shame me and making me feel a greater sense of guilt, but I left the cursed coins in the temple, hoping that the remorse and these visions stop persecuting me.

I thought everything would be resolved, but as I returned home I went back to see him, this time closer. He was standing looking at me, still and wrapped in the shade of that tree. For a moment I was paralyzed, but I ran away until I was out of breath.

I did not realize until that moment that something sounded in my pocket.

How is it possible? I remember perfectly throwing the coins in the temple …

What’s going on?