Chapter 7 – The Six Curses

21st century – London (England).

A whisper that chanted my name came from the hidden object under the velvet and a chill ran through my body. I pulled my hand away fearfully, I started to lock up again what I had found, but I heard that voice again, this time, it sounded inside my head:

“I am part of you, just as you are part of me. Neither one will be complete without the other. Therefore, whatever you do, you will never be able to escape from me.

Free me and I will wake you up …


Then I reached out and pulled the cloth away, revealing an elegant but ancient looking wooden chest beneath it.

For a moment I decided to forget about the book and set it aside, made room at the table and focused on the chest. It seemed that it had not been hidden for a long time, since there were no signs of dust. At the bottom there were stone hexagons with some symbols, which seemed to be able to rotate to activate some kind of mechanism, apparently made up of a combination of 6 figures.

The top seemed to be slightly broken, so I was able to open it without much difficulty. I lifted the small top cover and found a note. Unlike the rest of the chest, it looked much more recent.

“Each of the six has been blessed with a curse. It is in your hand to guide them on the right path, that is your damn blessing.

But be careful, it will not be easy and you must find help and know who you can and cannot trust, in addition to putting each of them in their place. ”

  1. How powerful is my wisdom, allowing me to control the elements.
  2. Even the most powerful beasts bow to my presence.
  3. Not the most awakened are able to escape the eternal sleep of my words.
  4. I always get what I want. Do not forget that I own you blood and money.
  5. Even if I hide in the shadows, I will achieve true illumination.
  6. History is as old as I am, creator of all lost souls.

How could I solve this puzzle that makes no apparent sense? I spent long hours weighing and trying to introduce possible combinations, but nothing happened. My frustration and despair only increased, as we were talking about a million possible combinations.

I put the box aside and hoping to find some clue that would lead me to the combination, I focused again on my book and my drink, although exhaustion ended up giving me into Morpheus arms.